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Satellite Liberty Wheelchair Accessible Toilet

Wheelchair accessible toilets are available to provide safe, spacious and clean sanitation provisions for everybody. They are specially designed to provide maximum space and ease of use through the addition of hand rails.

The handrails & rotary latch/indicator system are designed and positioned for simplicity and ease of use. The unit is easy to maneuver providing flexibility to users. Our Liberty toilets contain:

  • Handrails
  • Recirculating Chemical Flush
  • Hand Operated Flushing System
  • Integral Vents
  • Plastic Toilet Towl and Seat
  • Toilet Roll Holder
  • Integral Door Lock
  • Translucent roof 


Height - 91" / 2.31m
Width - 62" / 1.58m
Depth - 62" / 1.58m

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